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Total Fluid Management is the official distributor of the world's largest brands of lubricants and process fluids Shell, Houghton and Cassida in Ukraine.
We offer:
• Antifreeze
• White oils
• Engine oils
• Process fluids
• Food lubricants
• Transmission oils
• Industrial lubricants
• Lubricating and cooling fluids
• Solutions for industries
• Solutions for food companies
• Solutions for transport industry


Official macro distributor of Shell in Ukraine

Guaranteed quality of materials

Technical support department


TFM company specializes in increasing the profitability of a partner’s business through the optimal selection of maintenance and service support for lubricants and process fluids for any industry and transport sector.
In addition, we provide an economic justification for the use of SM and TG, as well as recommendations of highly qualified technical specialists to improve the efficiency of equipment based on experience of cooperation with major industrial Ukrainian and international enterprises.

Professional free consultation.

Our specialists can be trusted!

Qualified specialists will always help with the choice
Official distributor in Ukraine
100% Original Products
Fast delivery throughout Ukraine
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