New Shell Helix Product Protection Technology

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New Shell Helix Product Protection Technology

The news has been published: 22.06.2020

New Shell Helix Product Protection Technology

Every experienced car owner knows that it is very important to use only high-quality motor oil. But, unfortunately, the number of fakes is growing every day on the market and distinguishing them from the original is not so simple.
Shell has always paid great attention to protecting its products and today we would like to announce a new technology that will help you avoid buying non-original oil.

What is worth paying attention to?

When purchasing Shell Helix engine oil, first of all inspect the canister for obvious damage. A crooked sticker, a wrinkled canister, a pry lid - all these factors should make you doubt the quality of the product. But, we agree that these are not so obvious moments.
The most important thing that should attract your attention is the presence of a sticker under the handle of the canister.

* Only original Shell Helix products have a protective sticker


What should be on the sticker?

On the left of the sticker, under the protective surface (erased with a coin), a unique numerical code is placed, which you will then need to enter to check the canister.
Then follows a QR code, having scanned which, you will be taken to a specially designed site for checking originality. It is very convenient and takes only a few seconds. If your smartphone does not have a default scanner installed, then you can download it via PlayMarket or AppStore (* for iPhone users).
And in case you prefer to enter the site manually, its web address is listed immediately after the QR code.

What happens next?

Having scanned the code or entering the site address in the search engine, you will find yourself on the page for verification, where all subsequent steps are detailed.
It also provides information on what needs to be done if you bought Shell non-original products and official Shell oil distributors in Ukraine.
We hope that this technology will help protect you and your car from fakes!

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