Tips for driving economically

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Tips for driving economically

The news has been published: 06.02.2020

Tips for driving economically

1. Take care of your car
A well-tuned engine will help maintain a large amount of fuel. All that is needed is just ordinary and simple maintenance procedures.
2. Give up excess
Each additional kilogram can affect fuel efficiency. Therefore, try to free the trunk and back seat of unnecessary things that can add weight to your car.
3. Do you turn off the engine?
While the car is idling, you continue to spend fuel. Make it a rule, if you stand still or wait for someone more than 10 seconds, turn off the engine.
4. Do not complicate
The higher the gear, the lower the engine speed, can increase fuel efficiency. Therefore, if possible, use high gears.
5. “Slippery client”
Opened car windows, as well as bicycles and a bunch of boxes on its roof, can greatly reduce fuel economy due to increased drag. Riding faster also increases wind resistance, resulting in your car consuming more fuel.
6. No cost - no problem
As a rule, everything that discharges the battery negatively affects the economy of the trip (for example, air conditioning). But much worse if your battery is faulty. Therefore, you should constantly monitor its condition.
7. Time is everything
The movement in the "start-stop" mode does not contribute to fuel economy. Therefore, if you live in the suburbs, when possible, avoid travel during peak hours. You will really notice a reduction in fuel consumption.
8. Be on the lookout
When you are driving, think over your actions in advance. At a red traffic light, slow down, do not stop completely. Or add speed when you see the descent ahead. All these little things can help reduce fuel consumption.
9. About fuel
Not all types of fuel are the same. High-quality fuel burns more efficiently and makes the trip more economical. Therefore, always choose high quality fuel.
10. Inflate the wheels
Properly inflated tires are safer and last longer. They also reduce drag on the road, reducing fuel consumption.

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